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Wordpress is by far the most popular and easy to use Content Management System (CMS) on the market today. Below are the basic steps to install Wordpress on your new domain.

1) Login to your MCD account

2) Select the Services Tab. This will list all hosting packages you have with us.

3) Click on the row (not the url link) of the hosting package you want to install Wordpress on…
This will take you to a page with the details about your site and a number of shortcut links. You’ll want to access this page for a number of reasons as you work with your site, but for now…
4) On the left hand side, click the link that says “Login to cPanel”…
This will open a new window and take you to the true backend of your new website.
5) Once you are in cPanel, scroll down to the Softaculous App Installer. Then select Wordpress...
6) From here, you can usually go with the default settings it gives you. Just fill out your Site Name and Description as you choose, and be sure to set a strong password for your Wordpress admin. (You might also consider a different user name than just "admin")
7) Toward the bottom of the install page there’s a handful of templates you can use to get started with… Note that under the final install button, you can enter an email address so you can send the installation details to yourself.
8) After you click the Install button, the installation will take just a few seconds, and you will be presented with your Wordpress login link and other details. You can always come back to this same cPanel/Softaculous area to access your settings.
Once you have Wordpress installed, one great resource for Wordpress tips and how-to's that we’ve always loved is
If you would rather have us install Wordpress for you, the cost is $49.95 (basically 1 month of our Startup Wordpress Support package). 

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